Little Red Riding Hood - French Made

Once upon time, there was a girl..... 

Once upon time, there was a girl..... 

Once upon a time during Paris Fashion Week and while on the hunt for bridal inspiration and modern looks I came across Laulhère. The brand stands for beautiful berets with a fashionable twist that was founded in 1830 at the foot of the French Pyrenees by Lucien Laulhère.



When I saw the brand the first time in a courtyard of Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in the 1st arrondissement, I was immediately catched by the variety of beret styles that I could see through the big windows when approaching from the street.

I immediately had to try all the different models to see how they would suit me. I normally do not wear a lot of hats but I was amazed how well they suited me. Ever single beret felt unique and special with a deep history yet modern.

This feeling was no coincidence as Laulhère's ambition is to continuesly modernize the beret and bring it to the fashion forefront year after year. At the same time they are perpetuating the invaluable legacy of the beret savoir-faire and are among one of the last guardians of that special manufacturing.


When thinking of a bride the first color that comes in mind is white. But which color can best describe the felling of love? 

RIGHT, it's red! So I thought to myself why not adding a touch of "red love" to a modern bridal style?!


To complete the modernity of my bridal look, I added a tulle skirt and asymmetric top with a little CHANEL detail on the left side. When I created my look I somehow felt inspired by Dior's latest spring/summer campaign  with the famous slogan "WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS" which is why you might see some similarities.


Did you already noticed the fashionable twist about the red beret I picked? Take a closer look and you will see the glitter details within the fabric! I absolutely love this beret and will definitely add it to many outfits to come as a main essential and key piece.



By the Laulhèreberets here.


This post was created in friendly cooperation with Laulhère. If you feel inspired you should definitely visit their website and check them out on Instagram as well.