"Yes" I DO

Niko and me met, or one can also say, ran into each other during fashion week in Berlin in July 2010. It was in the fashion tent, when I met Niko among a sea of strangers asking him for fashionable go out spots for the night. Of course he accompanied me and that's how the story started. I can still remember what he was wearing and how he asked if he was allowed to kiss me. After a second attempt we finally kissed and oh my if I had known at this time that I was kissing my future husband. <3

We became a couple in September starting on a distance relation ship. I lived in Switzerland at that time and was about to start my MBA studies in Paris. Niko would always visit me in Paris and we both loved the city a lot. After my graduation we decided to move together. Since Niko already had a job in Stuttgart I decided to move in within.

A couple of time later we decided to visit Paris again to meet up with our friends for a reunion. We arrived on day earlier so the first day would just be the two of us. We were strolling around the city visiting the Eiffel Tour and enjoyed our most favorite Macarons of Pierre Hermé in Jardin Tuileries.


I noticed that Niko was somehow nervous that day. When we returned to our room and before going out for dinner, we decided to have a glas of wine on our beautiful Parisian balcony-window. It happened after the first sip of wine. It all went so fast. Niko suddenly kneeled down holding a little sachet with a beautiful rosé gold ring with a solitaire diamond in front of me. When he popped the questions I could help it but sank into his arms, said YES and started crying. I was so happy in this moment I could have never imagined.

We went to Georges for dinner enjoying champagne with a breathtaking view onto the Eiffel Tour.  It was the perfect day with an even better ending.