Why Sustainability for luxury brands?


Because customers are

looking for a belief system in a brand,

more concerned about environmental and social issues


expensive green products signal wealth and pro-social behavior.



„Future proof brands are built on insights into future consumers“

The problem is that environmental and social efforts are not deeply implied into luxury company’s operations which results in a lack of transparancy towards customers.


This is why I created a business model for sustainable luxury with the goal to put the adapting luxury company in the head of the game when it comes to sustainability and future customer demands.



The business model on sustainable luxury is a business model with the potential for profound social impact. It creates values for companies, customers, environment and society and is about meeting the needs of future customers.

Its concept of conscious capitalism is based on voluntary exchange of all the business main constituencies to achieve value propositions.



Benefits of such a business model


- New extremes for quality

- Innovation oriented

- Long term profit

- Pro-social reputation

- Sustainable added value


If you are interested in detailed information please do not hesitate to contact me.